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Programmer Analyst freelancer

34 years old
Brussels (1081) Belgium
Freelancer Available
  • As part of the terminal system support and integration team, I'm focused on coaching our clients and partners on developing and integrating their applications into Worldline's payment terminals based on a modular and flexible approach to software development.

    We provide easy integration thanks to in-house software development kit and terminal management tools, so the developer can concentrate on the business aspects of his applications and operators can easily deploy them in the field.
  • Engineering and delivering products that support successful enterprise transformation.
  • Bringing clients vision and ideas to life by applying leading best practices and proven design principles.
  • Building end-to-end applications that meet internal needs and enhance customers experience.
  • Development of cashless solution applications using NFC and POS terminals, in which payment methods such as Lyf, Payworks, Ingenico and Worldline were integrated, by applying Android design guidelines.
  • Working environments:
    Java, Kotlin, Android
    jUnit, Espresso, JaCoCo, Mockito, Robolectric, Spoon
    Dagger, Butterknife, Requery, MVP, MVVM, Firebase, Google Analytics, Retrofit, Zxing, Google Play Services, Carbon
  • Interruption due to COVID-19 pandemic!
  • As part of the transportation team I worked with business, operations to integrate new carriers and ship methods into the network, which involved to design, develop and maintain transportation documents like carrier electronic manifests and invoices.
  • In charge of the development, maintenance and testing of conceptualised features of Worldline's new payment terminal
  • Working environments:
    Java, Android, C
    jUnit, Espresso, Robolectric, JaCoCo
    Dagger, ButterKnife, Glide, Retrofit, Gitlab CI, Clean architecture, MVP
  • In charge of the development, maintenance and testing of conceptualised features of the native Android banking apps of KBC, including UI, core functionality with the help of in-house and third-party SDKs
  • Working environments:
    Java, Kotlin, Android
    jUnit, Espresso, SonarQube, JaCoCo, detekt
    Dagger, ButterKnife, Glide, Google Play Services, MVP, Firebase, Google Analytics, Retrofit, Behaviosec, Zxing, ExoPlayer, Wordline
  • Working environments:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Symfony framework, Node.js, SQL, MySQL, XML, jQuery, WordPress, Drupal, JSON, Divi
    Git, Sequel Pro, Ajenti, NGINX, PHPStorm
    RESTful architecture, MVC Architecture, Webservices
    Mac OSX, Debian, Vagrant, Docker
  • Development of web based and native application solutions and maintenance aimed at a vast number of diverse devices.
    The primary focus is placed on the development of applications and their integration with existing or made-to-measure back-end services.
  • My recurrent responsibilities consist of translating designs and wireframes into high quality code.
    Designing, building and maintaining high performance, reusable, and reliable code.
    Ensuring the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of an application.
    Identifying and correcting bottlenecks and bug fixing.
    Helping to maintain code quality, organization, and automatization.
  • Possibility of working along-side other engineers and developers working on different layers of an infrastructure.
    Therefore, commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and creating quality products is within my capabilities.
  • Analyse, conception, development and maintenance of the official web and Android applications along with the RESTful API serving these apps as well as those linked with the partners of the company.
  • Working environments:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Twig, Android, OpenGL, ElasticSearch, Symfony framework, Node.js, Backbone.js, SQL, MySQL, XML, jQuery, SASS, Gulp, Prestashop, Doctrine, SQLite, JSON
    Git, Sequel Pro, Android Studio, NGINX, phpMyAdmin, PHPStorm, Jira
    RESTful architecture, MVC Architecture, Webservices
    Agile, Scrum methodology
    Mac OSX, Debian, Vagrant
  • As as developer of a technical agency, the scope of my tasks included pretty much everything related to web development, including analysis and technological strategy, backend and frontend web development as well as IT consultancy and support.
    My approach was dead simple : using efficient and open technologies in order to deliver high-quality web projects.
  • Working environments:
    HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Twig, ElasticSearch, SQL, MySQL, Symfony framework, Doctrine, XML, SASS, Less, Gulp, jQuery, JSON
    Git, Sequel Pro, PHPStorm, VirtualBox, VMWare
    RESTful architecture, MVC Architecture, Webservices
    Mac OSX, Debian, Vagrant
    Node.js: as a tool for front-end dependencies management and as the used framework for the development of customers' chat application of an insurance company.
  • Implementation of a communication architecture between a Windows Phone 7 and a multi-tiered server application.
  • Demonstration of functionalities through a simplified service management application.
  • Working environments:
    .NET, C#, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, UML, XML, JSON
    Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio,
    RESTful architecture, MVC Architecture, Webservices
    Windows 7, Windows Phone
  • Observing on the ground certain concepts acquired during the first 3 semesters of the training and elaborating a synthesis of the acquired experience.

Bachelor degree of computer science

Institut Paul Lambin

September 2009 to June 2012
Emphasised by C++ & graphics programming, Android programming and Artificial intelligence

High school

Centre scolaire Ma Campagne

June 2003 to June 2009
Emphasised by mathematics & sciences
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  • Web development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, J2EE, Twig, C/C++, Android, C#, OpenGL, ElasticSearch, Symfony framework, SQL, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, jQuery, Doctrine, SASS, Less, Backbone.js, Node.js, Gulp, Prestashop, WordPress, UML
  • Sequel Pro, Eclipse, Git, Ajenti, MySQL Server, MS SQL Server, NGINX, phpMyAdmin, Visual Studio, PHPStorm, Android Studio, Jira
  • Windows, Mac OSX, Debian, Vagrant
  • RESTful architecture, MVC architecture, Webservices
  • Agile, Scrum methodology


  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Customer support


  • English (complete professional mastery)
  • French (bilingual)
  • Dutch (smattering)
  • Persian (mother tongue)


  • Ancient civilizations

Video games

  • Simulation
  • Action-aventure
  • Strategy


  • Football
  • Fitness

IT enthusiastic

  • The Internet of Things
  • Communication
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hip-hop